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Mr. Veerendra Vainsla (Chairman) Chairman Mr. Veerendra Vainsla is BA, LLB & MBA with 11 years Management experience. Scholar Rosary Public School is like the sunrise which is published by publishing the students immersed in the darkness, by their rays of light. It is only possible to make a self-identification in the competitive era, when hard work, diligence, regular guidance and guidance of the Guru are blessed. As a future teacher, you should go ahead as long as you do not get the floor. Do not accept defeat, challenge the negative forces, will tilt past. You must win. Our dreams should grow. Our aspirations should be high and our efforts should be great. Our resolutions must be firm. You must win. I am confident that the students and students of Scholar Rosary Public School will implement my hope and will expect similar hope from their students.

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