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ABout us

Websquare Software ME is an IT company that supplies modern solutions in the education, e-commerce, business, medicine and other industries.

What Our Client Say

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OUr work process

We are flexible with development costs for long-term projects or well-specified assignments and consulting opportunities. Get in touch – we can discuss your project and plan according to your allocated budget and ROI expectation.

  • Strategy

    The first step is to collect brief information about client’s business and its goals. Tell us about your business or service, your project, so that we can understand your mission, objectives, identify the target audience, assign responsibilities, clarify all details and estimate a budget.

  • Planning

    Using collected information from client, we make a cost and delivery date estimate, start a new project in basecamp, collect required materials (sketches, images, content, accesses) from the client, make a list of tasks, set deadlines.

  • Design

    Our designer creates page layouts and interface elements, using approved information from the client. Depending on service type, revision number may be limited.

  • Development

    All page layouts are approved, goals are clear, task list is filled, development can start. All the components of website would be developed and combined during this process.

  • Launch

    We are ready, but before launch, there are some final steps to take, such as cross-browser testing in all popular browsers on PC, Mac and mobile devices. Transfer site, register and setup google webmaster tools, basic SEO settings and recommendations. Only after these steps, the site is ready for launch.

Ready To Get Started?

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