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Innovations in Training solutions take the drudgery out of everyday work and gives a morale boost for employees in this service sector.

In modern hospitality business, it is all about competence of people. The modern consumers demand a high level of service. Employees thus have to be on the top to ensure the survival and development of the hospitality establishment. Hence, staff training is essential in this sector. It increases productivity by developing professional knowledge, experienced skills and valid thoughts of the employees. Employee training also motivates and inspires employees by providing information and helping them realize the importance of their jobs. Thus successful hotels always include staff training as their important development strategy.

Training in the industry includes a lot of different types of learning events . Apprentice training, certification programs, process trainings and so on. A lot of training is done on-the-job which is a time consuming task and also affects productivity as more trained employees have to don the cap of trainers. Employees also take time to practice and perfect skills. Hence their productivity is also lessened. By adopting newer ways of learning like simulation based learning, employees can be provided a better and faster way of learning as it allows ample opportunities of making mistakes and learning from the mistakes and of course, a whole lot of practice!