Our Corporate Philosophy

Ensure Customer Success

Long live Customer Success !

Focus on Results

We want to see quantifiable results.

Strive for Excellence

Our customers are more than just another client.

  • Ensure Customer Success

    Where industry has traditionally focused on customer satisfaction, Websquare focuses on customer success. To us, customer success is more than just an aspirational job title or a new spin on the customer service function. It’s an evolution of customer service, requiring new skill sets and mindsets to staff our customer success organization

    What Does This Mean For You?

    The customer success model aligns the interests of Websquare with the interests of the customer in a quantifiable way. We are much more proactively involved in a customer’s success over customer service, which has historically functioned more as an ad-hoc troubleshooting service driven by upsell opportunities. You won’t find that here at Websquare. We are in it to win it with you.

  • Focus on Results

    We firmly believe we are accountable to our customers to produce results. We want our customers to be so impacted by Websquare that they cannot imagine their life without it (or remember their life before it). That is why achieving real, tangible, positive results are built into the DNA of our company, and every employee and partner we work with.

    What Does This Mean For You?

    There aren’t many enterprise software companies out there who want to be held accountable to their results. With this as a core value at Websquare, our customers not only know they will see results, they expect it - that’s the type of “good company” we surround ourselves with. We see it as our most important responsibility, day in and day out, to produce results for our customers. That’s our bottomline.

  • Strive for Excellence

    Striving for excellence is about never lowering the bar. Too many customers have fallen victim to the sub-par attitude and behaviors of their vendors – once they sign the deal, get their reference and the logo recognition, they’re gone and the client rarely hears from them again. We strive for success by raising the bar for ourselves, our customers and for the enterprise software market.

    What Does This Mean For You?

    Here at Websquare, we constantly ask the question “How can we be better than we were yesterday?” This way of thinking ensures our customers are not only receiving great results, but are getting the best we can offer on a day to day basis. We are constantly improving and innovating which means our customers have the best product the market has to offer – bar none.