Our Infrastructure

Computing Facilities:

The Company has built a center for excellence for technology development, testing and houses a data center with varied platforms and environments to cater to multi technology requirements of its customers. This data center runs 24/7 and has both RISC and CISC platforms, state of the art switching, routing and security. More than 150 computers connected over a network and servers. Leased Internet bandwidth caters for hosting web servers, ftp and Internet access.

Application Software:

Company has implemented integrated business application software to education, automate finance, customer services, MIS, Sales and Marketing, HRD and project logistics.

Simulation Lab:

Websquare has created a simulation lab to simulate the systems integration and software solutions. The lab is used for quick prototyping and proof of concept testing purpose


Company has adequate PSTN/DSL connections, Leased internet and ISDN connectivity for video and audio conferencing.


The Company has audited its business practices and implemented several global best practices.


The company and is ISO 9001 2000 certified by DNV.